Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mass Media Makes Jihad Against America and Its Judeo-Christian Heritage

The following is an article that appeared on last Summer. In light of all the recent liberal "news" coverage, I thought it appropriate to re-run the article. It's time to take action -- redeem or defeat!
MediaGuide / Dr. Ted Baehr
What happens when the newspapers and the mass media become so anti-American that they take the side of Osama Bin Laden and his chauffer and trash the Founding Fathers?
Well, that's exactly what's been happening lately. The New York Times imperiously contends it has the right to leak information that will undermine America's efforts to stop terrorism. Imagine if they had asserted this right in the great war against Adolf Hitler and his godless minions?
The New York Times, and many other media outlets, have also spent a lot of time and paper recently moaning about the alleged rights of unlawful combatants and other terrorists. Then, the Los Angeles Times spent its entire op ed page on July Fourth on mean-spirited editorials calling the Founding Fathers a bigoted “bunch of sexist, slave-owning 18th century white men in wigs and breeches” and accusing anyone who flies the American flag in their front yard a buffoon acting like “incredibly stupid explorer.”
This was only a few short weeks after their media critic also attacked the Christian beliefs of the Founding Fathers and called the terrorist detention center on Guantanamo Bay an "American gulag." (Of course, this detention center only houses and feeds about 500 or so unlawful combatants or accused terrorists and war criminals while the Soviet Union's Communist, leftist gulag or prison system murdered, enslaved and/or starved hundreds of thousands of regular citizens, if not millions! And, contrary to popular belief, most of America's Founding Fathers were not deists but Christian. Many of them also were big supporters of anti-slavery groups.)
Most media-wise families will not be twisted by the media's stream of traitorous reporting, but younger people will. Even those who go to Christian schools and colleges get confused by the misinformation and historical revisionism spewed out of the mouth of the mass media, not to mention all the radical left-wing college professors getting paid gobs of taxpayer money to indoctrinate our children and grandchildren. People living overseas can also be victims of this atrocious media bias, which puts the lives and liberty of all of us at risk.
There are at least two ways to combat these mean-spirited attacks on the USA and its heritage of liberty, justice and the American Way. Firstly, seek good sources of information by consulting such outlets as WorldNetDaily, the Family Research Council, and MovieGuide. Secondly, use your time, money and prayers to support groups like MovieGuide which are working hard to redeem the values of the mass media using years of solid research and expertise. These outlets and groups are protecting you and your family from the mass media's secular progressive, socialist jihad against America and its Judeo-Christian, European heritage and values.
Newspapers like the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, and the politicians and media executives they support, have decided to side with terrorists, perverts and criminals, including, sometimes, even child abusers. They must be redeemed or defeated.
In the movie BEN-HUR, starring Charlton Heston, the Roman villain is asked, "How do you fight an idea?" He replies, "With another idea." By consulting and supporting positive groups like MovieGuide, we can defeat the bankrupt, immoral, deceitful ideas of the mass media's jihad against America with better, more worthwhile ideas – ideas that celebrate the Good, the True and the Beautiful.