Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Excel Flaw Highlights Need for Better App Security

Experts believe the rising number of exploits targeting Excel gives hackers incentive to continually exploit applications -- rather than operating systems -- for flaws.

Article by Jabulani Leffall
Don Leatham of Lumension Security has a first-step remedy to the ongoing security concerns around Microsoft's Excel application. "IT guys should tell end users right off the bat that if they see an unrecognizable Excel document in their inbox, they should treat it like porn -- it's not something you should be opening up at work." Extreme measures aside, because Excel is one of the most commonly used software applications of the planet, it's also increasingly the most common and frequent target for client-side attacks, security experts say.

In the last 18 months alone there were more than 33 documented vulnerabilities that pertained specifically to the popular spreadsheet program, a number Microsoft would neither confirm nor deny. While this seems like a large number -- an average of almost two every month for that duration -- these are just the documented cases. This prompts IT security mavens to assert that securing Excel -- even above Internet Explorer -- should be Job No. 1 where Windows programs are concerned.

"Out of all the applications sitting on networks and desktops around the globe, Excel lends itself to be the most natural attack target because of its ubiquity in the corporate world," said Leatham, director of solutions strategy for Lumension, which is based in Scottsdale, Ariz. "This is definitely the one program IT pros are really pulling their hair out over because more often than not, Excel documents carry sensitive information such as financial data and the like." In mid-January, Microsoft's security group said there were continual attacks exploiting a flaw in most versions of the popular spreadsheet program.


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Article from RedmondMag.com
Additional info from steeleye.com
SteelEye Technology has released its Technology Business Continuity Index. This annual survey conducted by the data replication and protection software developer polls IT professionals and business executives and looks at adoption levels, best practices and attitudes about business continuity. The bottom line of this year's report is that threats to business continuity are increasing, so business leaders are placing increasing priorities on business continuity. Here are some of the most significant findings of the survey:

  • More than 50 percent of the CEOs surveyed regarded outages of services such as financial transaction processing or customer service as being "fatal" to their business.
  • More than 40 percent of all respondents feel the average IT organization is more prepared for business continuity threats than last year.
  • Less than 28 percent of IT managers feel their CEOs haven't prioritized business continuity assurance.
  • 87 percent of C-level executives feel the average IT organization faces the same threats or even more threats to business continuity than last year.
  • 63 percent of C-level executives feel there are now more potential threats to IT systems that are in turn threats to business continuity.
  • 81 percent of IT managers feel their CEOs consider business continuity a top priority.
  • 66 percent of IT managers feel their CEOs understand the steps and precautions required to ensure business continuity.
That last one is good news indeed. You won't be barking up the wrong tree when you go to your CEO asking for funding for data protection or secure offline storage.

Friday, January 18, 2008

CIA Confirms Cyber Attack Caused Multi-City Power Outage

From SANS.org:
On Wednesday, in New Orleans, US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) senior analyst Tom Donohue told a gathering of 300 US, UK, Swedish, and Dutch government officials and engineers and security managers from electric, water, oil & gas and other critical industry asset owners from all across North America, that

"We have information, from multiple regions outside the United States, of cyber intrusions into utilities, followed by extortion demands. We suspect, but cannot confirm, that some of these attackers had the benefit of inside knowledge. We have information that cyber attacks have been used to disrupt power equipment in several regions outside the United States. In at least one case, the disruption caused a power outage affecting multiple cities. We do not know who executed these attacks or why, but all involved intrusions through the Internet."
According to Mr. Donohue, the CIA actively and thoroughly considered the benefits and risks of making this information public, and came down on the side of disclosure.

Westboro Baptist Church to Protest at Camp LeJeune January 26th

The Westboro Baptist Church (which is nothing more than the vile Fred Phelps and his whack relatives) is planning to picket, outside Camp LeJeune, NC, in favor of the murder of Maria Frances Lauterbach and her unborn child. The protest is set to take place just outside the main gate at Camp LeJeune on Saturday, January 26th -- starting around noon.

These "demons" are using the Holy Bible to say that God hates the American military because they have allowed homosexuality into their ranks -- and that deaths of ALL soldiers are God's work.

This could not be further from the truth. While the Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin, God does NOT "hate fags". He hates sin, but loves His creation -- and that includes ALL people. God does not kill American soldiers, such as Maria Lauterbach, as some sort of vendetta against mankind.

Our Advice: Don't go to Jacksonville, NC looking for a fight, BUT be prepared to protect those who are there in protest AGAINST the Topeko, KS group. Military personnel have been given standing orders NOT to go near the demonstration. So, it's time for civilians to stand up and support our military -- and shield the world from the vomited hatred of the WBC.

EDITORIAL: I plan to be in Jacksonville -- protesting AGAINST the WBC and it message of hate. There are NO plans for confrontation, but rest assured that I would gladly get arrested for protecting (yes, that means PHYSICAL ACTION) innocent people from the venom Phelps and his ilk spew.

Christina Laurean Knew Maria Lauterbach Was Dead

Excerpts from WRAL.com and FOXNews.com
Christina Smith Laurean, the wife of the suspected killer of a pregnant Marine, knew Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach was dead a day before she went to police, according to affidavits obtained by local TV news stations in North Carolina. The court document states that Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean and his wife were driving to meet with an attorney on January 10.

Cesar Laurean had asked Christina "if she was with him on this". She replied, "I do not know. Is there anything you have not told me?" At that time, Cesar Laurean confessed that Lauterbach was dead and he had buried her body in a wooded area adjacent to their home, the affidavits show.

Cesar Laurean told his wife that Lauterbach slit her own throat with a knife during an argument on the evening of December 15. He said Lauterbach, who was eight months pregnant, had come to him earlier that day to tell him she was leaving Jacksonville, N.C., and demanded that he give her money. He took her to a bus station and helped her buy a ticket to El Paso, TX., his wife said in the affidavits.
Cesar Laurean's wife of two years told Onslow County sheriff's detective John Dubois that a disoriented and agitated Lauterbach returned to the home later that night and told Laurean that "her plan had failed, that an argument ensued" and that she produced a knife and killed herself by slitting her throat. "He became scared, took her body to a wooded area adjacent to his residence, and buried her. He obtained legal counsel and explained the facts to them. He was told that he was facing the death penalty," Dubois wrote.

Christina Laurean did not go to authorities with that information until January 11, when her husband left home. She has not seen him since (according to statements she has made to investigators). A search warrant has been issued for a cell phone belonging to Cesar Laurean, his wife, his mother and his sister (Blanca Laurean), according to the affidavits.

WRAL-TV obtained copies of the warrant and attached affidavits documenting conversations between 21-year-old Laurean and his wife. Police said they do not believe Lauterbach took her own life. Christina Laurean discovered Lauterbach was pregnant in July, but her husband said he was not the father of the baby, according to court documents. He also told his wife that he had not raped Lauterbach, as she claimed. Christina Laurean has been cooperating in the investigation, police told FOX News.

Onslow County authorities said this morning they do not believe Christina (whose full name is Christina Sue Smith [Laurean])was at her house when the pregnant Marine Lance Corporal was killed. They believe she was at a Christmas party during that time. Sheriff's officials said yesterday that investigators believe Cesar Laurean killed Lauterbach, 20, on December 14. Authorities described Christina Laurean as a cooperating witness and said they have no plans to charge her.

Significant questions that must be answered:
1) Why didn't Christina Laurean contact authorities immediately after finding out her husband disposed of another woman's body -- especially after knowing the situation between the two AND that the dead woman was eight months pregnant?

2) Why does law enforcement insist Maria Lauterbach was killed on December 14 when we also know that someone matching her description purchased a bus ticket on December 15?

2a) What piece of evidence are they holding back, glossing over or refusing to acknowledge? [Something doesn't match up here!]

3) Did Maria Lauterbach have ANY connection with El Paso, TX?

3a) Does Cesar Laurean or Christina Smith Laurean have any connection with El Paso, TX?
[If not, why would Lauterbach purchase a bus ticket to El Paso? After all, Cesar claimed Lauterbach said she "had a plan" to leave the Jacksonville area.]

4) If Maria Lauterbach went back to the Laurean home later the night she was to leave on the bus, how did she get there? Did she drive her Hyundai Sonata? If so, how was her car moved back to the restaurant near the bus station? Did Cesar Laurean take it there? If so, how did he get home? [The person who helped him needs to be questioned thoroughly!]

5) Who was the "white male" who withdrew funds from Maria Lauterbach's bank, using her ATM card, December 24? [The ATM machine used was near the Laurean home.]

6) How could Christina Laurean NOT be involved in the murder and disposal of Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child? Lauterbach was killed inside the Laurean home. A large amount of blood evidence was found inside the home. A large scale clean-up job was undertaken. Someone painted over at least one wall where some of the blood spatter was found. The body of a grown woman, eight months pregnant, was moved from inside the home to the adjacent woods and buried. It was later dug up and moved to the Laurean's backyard. A large pit was dug in the backyard. The bodies of Lauterbach and her unborn child were then burned and covered over by someone. [Does anyone believe ONE 5'9", 160 pound guy did ALL this by himself AND/OR without another person living in the same household knowing?!? VERY DOUBTFUL!]

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Marine Lauterbach / Laurean Mystery Continues

As the hunt for Cesar Laurean drags on, a few mysteries are being solved in the murder of Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child. Police have admitted to obtaining a "piece of evidence" they believe to be the murder weapon in the case. This piece of evidence is thought to be a crowbar handed over, along with the now public note, by Laurean's wife, Christina.

In my opinion, the crowbar is the piece of "tangible evidence" Sheriff Ed Brown spoke over when we first found that Cesar Laurean was the primary suspect late last week. The note is helpful, but not what law enforcement would consider a piece of definitive tangible evidence, from what I know about LE investigations.

Christina Laurean is apparently cooperating with police, but they are still very vague as to her status (witness or co-suspect) and location (when questioned, they always say they don't know exactly where she is at the moment). One more thing we know is that Christina Smith Laurean has told authorities she believes her husband is either in or headed to Mexico. She handed over two letters she received from Cesar Armando Laurean (Ramirez) -- one of which had a Houston, TX. postmark.

Friends and fellow Marines have also said Laurean made statements leading them to believe he would flee to Mexico "if it appeared he would be found guilty of rape" -- a two-count charge Lauterbach made against him in 2007. An Article 32 hearing was scheduled just days after Lance Cpl. Lauterbach disappeared on December 14, 2007.

Police believe she was killed around December 15th. We believe her body was stored somewhere (possibly in the Laurean home) from the time of her death until December 24, when Cesar Laurean lit a large fire in a pit in his backyard. There is also reason to speculate that the body was dismembered before being burned in the pit. OTOH, the baby's body was not disposed of separately, which would make sense in this type of case.

Even though Lauterbach accused Laurean of two counts of rape (one incident in March and one in April), medical examiners say the time of conception was around May 14th. According to military records, the first positive pregnancy test was in June, 2007. Two mysteries surrounding the child are still unsolved questions of whether Laurean is the father AND whether or not the baby was born prior to Maria Lauterbach's death.

Photo from FOXNews.com

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Doug Barney of RemondMag.com wrote in the latest issue:

"Talk about a dubious distinction. Microsoft last year gained top honors as the most-hacked instant messaging client of 2007. According to some quick and dirty Internet research (read: this information could be wildly inaccurate!), AOL has by far the most IM market share, with Microsoft coming in second with roughly half the number of users.

If MSN is the most hacked, there are only two reasonable theories. First, it's easier to hack MSN than other clients, or second, it's just more fun to hack a Microsoft product. I'd go with the latter!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Laurean's Truck Found Outside Raleigh

BREAKING NEWS: 3:10pm ET -- Police found Cesar Laurean's truck outside a Morrisville hotel on Airport Blvd. late Tuesday afternoon. Laurean remains missing.

WTVD-11 is providing live video of Cesar Laurean's black Dodge pickup truck. It is sitting behind the Microtel Inn off Airport Blvd. in Morrisville, NC (which is very near the Raleigh/Durham airport).

Police, SBI and FBI are definitely closing in on Laurean. We predict he will be found soon.

Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown says he believes that friends of Laurean are assisting him in hiding and providing resources for his use. These folks should reconsider their actions as they can and will likely be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive -- both from federal and military prosecution.

Slain Marine Corporal Maria Lauterbach's military ID card was found at a bus station in Durham, about 150 miles northwest of Jacksonville. Witnesses reported seeing his black four-door pickup truck in the Raleigh and Durham area, Brown said.

More updates to follow...

Murdered Marine: You call this an investigation?

Randi Kaye of Anderson Cooper 360 makes some EXCELLENT points in her blog post from earlier this morning...
Today, Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown announced he won't be talking to the media anymore, until Corporal Cesar Laurean is caught. Laurean is the U.S. Marine charged in the brutal murder of fellow Marine Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child. He's been on the run since last Friday. Police believe they recovered Lauterbach's charred remains in a fire pit behind Laurean's home over the weekend along with those of her baby.

Sheriff Brown has been holding press conferences daily and doing one-on-one interviews with local and national media. Now he says it's time to get back to work and we shouldn't expect a word from him until Laurean is behind bars. I've never heard of holding a press conference to announce you're NOT going to hold press conferences anymore. But nothing in this case has been business as usual.

The Marines knew Maria Lauterbach had accused Cesar Laurean of rape and didn't give the Sheriff his name until January 7th, TWENTY days after she disappeared.

The Marines knew Laurean was forbidden to go near Lauterbach. A military protective order was issued in June 2007. It had expired in September 2007, but the Marines never even told Sheriff Brown about it. He told me he wasn't aware of it until last weekend when his deputies found the paperwork in Lauterbach's car.

Can you imagine?

Turns out there is no protocol in place for the Marines when it comes to sharing information with civil law enforcement. Read on...

EDITORIAL: It seems to me that the Lauterbach family has grounds for a precedent-setting lawsuit against the Marine Corps. There is ZERO EXCUSE for the military police not sharing information with the sheriff's department once Maria Lauterbach went missing. It is INTOLERABLE that they did NOTHING to assist -- and even thwarted law enforcement efforts -- in the missing persons case.

As for the civilian authorities, Sheriff Brown and his deputies need to charge Christina Laurean as an accessory to murder (minimally) or a co-conspirator (more likely) in the deaths of Lauterbach and her unborn child. I can't fathom how Cesar Laurean's wife could not have known a violent murder took place in their home. Come on! He washed and painted the walls without any previous decision on both their parts. What husband does that?!? [Some records indicate Christina Laurean said she assisted Cesar with painting the walls.]

Also, why would Christina S. Laurean not question a fire pit freshly dug in the backyard; a large fire burned Christmas Eve (odd time for a fire) -- and then another fire (neighbors says Christina called it a "bonfire with friends") Christmas night?!? I may be wrongly accusing her of being involved, but I just don't see how the facts could prove otherwise.

Fourth Day of Manhunt for Rapist/Murderer Laurean

Excerpts from FOXNews.com
Officials positively identified the burned remains Tuesday found in the backyard of a Marine on the run accused of murder as those of a 20-year-old Marine and her unborn child. Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach, reported missing on Dec. 19, died from a blunt force trauma to the head, according to an autopsy report.

The manhunt for Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean, the suspect in Lauterbach's murder, stretches into its fourth day with a $25,000 reward and a national billboard campaign. "He’s probably where he wants to be and can move at a more slower, unattractive pace," Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown told FOX News Tuesday. "So now it’s probably going to be the results of people in the community where he’s at recognizing he’s a stranger, or different, and comparing his photograph to those that he sees on TV and on the billboards."

Over the weekend, authorities recovered the remains of Lauterbach and her unborn child from a fire pit in Laurean's backyard in Jacksonville, N.C. Dr. Charles Garrett, the Onslow County medical examiner, said Lauterbach died from "traumatic head injury due to blunt force trauma."

Lauterbach's ATM card was found at a bus station in Durham, about 150 miles northwest of Jacksonville. Witnesses reported seeing his black four-door pickup truck in the Raleigh and Durham area, Brown said. Other witnesses said they thought they saw him Saturday night at a bus station in Shreveport, La.

The FBI and United States Marshals are involved in the search for Laurean, who is expected to be charged with murder when he is arrested. The first billboards with Laurean's photo went up in Columbus, Ohio, and others are expected in Tampa, Fla., and Las Vegas. "Laurean will be found", Sheriff Brown said later at a press conference.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Wanted By the FBI: Cesar Armando Laurean Ramirez

Wanted By The FBI


Photograph of Cesar Armando Laurean
Aliases: Cesar Gudino, Cesar Sanchez, Cesar Armando Laurean Ramirez


Date of Birth Used: November 13, 1986 Hair: Black
Place of Birth: Unknown Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9" Sex: Male
Weight: 160 pounds Race: White (Hispanic)
NCIC: W653665173 Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: United States Marine Corps Corporal
Scars and Marks: Laurean has a tattoo of a skull on one of his upper arms, and a tattoo of a black widow spider, including an hourglass on the spider's abdomen, on the other upper arm.
Remarks: Laurean is a United States citizen. He is also a United States Marine Corps Corporal currently assigned to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Laurean may be driving a four-door 2004 Dodge Ram truck, black in color, displaying North Carolina license plate TRR1522.


Cesar Armando Laurean is wanted for his alleged involvement in the murder of 20-year-old Maria Lauterbach, who was pregnant at the time of her murder. Lauterbach was a United States Marine Corps Lance Corporal assigned to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. She had been missing since December 14, 2007. Charred remains have been recovered in a shallow grave in the backyard of Laurean's Jacksonville, North Carolina, residence. The remains are believed to be those of Lauterbach and her unborn infant.

A state arrest warrant was issued on January 12, 2008, in Onslow County, North Carolina, after Laurean was charged with murder. That same day, Laurean was charged federally with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution by the United States District Court, Eastern District of North Carolina, Wilmington, North Carolina, and a federal warrant was issued for his arrest.


The FBI is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the location and arrest of Cesar Armando Laurean.



Signature of Robert S. Mueller, III
TELEPHONE: (202) 324-3000

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Laurean Spotted in Louisiana; Headed Towards Texas

Well, it looks like we were right on target Friday afternoon. Laurean has been seen in Alabama -- headed towards Texas.

The NY Daily News reports: Marine Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean, lead suspect in the slaying of a 20-year-old pregnant marine, is on the run in Louisiana, say authorities. The nationwide manhunt for a Marine wanted in the brutal slaying of a 20-year-old pregnant colleague who had accused him of rape focused Sunday on Louisiana and Texas, after he was spotted at a bus station.

Marine Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean was seen at a Shreveport, La., station Saturday night, Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown said. The bus Laurean was riding was headed to Texas, but police don’t know if he continued on that route, he said. "It will be a short trip — a short vacation — for Mr. Laurean," Brown said. "His vacation may be short, his travel may be long, but I hope we’ll be there to help him return."

On Saturday, authorities said they recovered what they believe to be the burned remains of Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child from a fire pit in Laurean’s backyard, where they suspect he burned and buried her body. Those remains have been sent to the state medical examiner’s office in Chapel Hill for a formal identification. That same day, state authorities issued an arrest warrant on murder charges for Laurean, 21, of the Las Vegas area. They believe he fled Jacksonville before dawn Friday after leaving behind a note in which he admitted burying her body but claimed Lauterbach cut her own throat in a suicide.

Brown has challenged Laurean’s assertion that Lauterbach killed herself, citing what he described as evidence of a violent confrontation inside Laurean’s home — blood spatters on the ceiling and a massive amount of blood on the wall. Brown said Sunday that evidence in the case "leads us to believe that he would be a dangerous and violent person if put in a corner."

"What I’ve seen and what we’ve discovered indicates he does have a real heinous behavior about him," he said. Brown has said Lauterbach purchased a bus ticket to El Paso, Texas, around the time of her disappearance, but said Sunday authorities are not in possession of the ticket. Shreveport is roughly 950 miles southwest of Jacksonville, and is about two dozen miles from the Texas state line and more than 800 miles east of El Paso.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Burnt Human Remains Found in Laurean's Backyard

Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown just finished a news conference with reporters. He stated that the charred remains of what is believed to be the body of Maria Lauterbach (and her unborn baby) were found in the backyard of Cesar Armando and Christina Smith Laurean.
Sheriff Brown also stated that there are positive luminol results in at least two areas of the Laurean home. IMO, that points to the murder taking place in the house. Apparently, Cesar Laurean burned and buried the bodies of Maria Mauterbach and her baby. By several statements the sheriff made, it can probably also be safely assumed that Lauterbach's body was dismembered. For what other reason would investigators want to comb through the dirt in the "cavity" where the burned remains were located?

One more thing -- police need to press Christina Laurean VERY hard for information. She may be 100% innocent of wrong doing. Then again, she may be part of the murder and subsequent disposal of Lauterbach and child. If Christina is innocent of involvement, she may know more than she is aware of -- like places Cesar may be headed. Where are any friends who may be willing to help him? Where is his family? Does he know anyone who could help him get out of the country? What did he take with him (that he doesn't normally travel with)? What didn't he take that he normally has with him when he travels? There could be a lot of information garnered from police pressing Christina Laurean.

One last thought -- It's pretty safe to say that Christina Laurean gave Sheriff Brown the "tangible evidence" proving Maria is dead. Could she have made a plea bargain deal with law enforcement to give them info in exchange for not being prosecuted? Where is she now? Where is there baby daughter?

Suspicious Cavity Found Behind Laurean's Home

FOXNews.com says, The suspect investigators are pursuing is Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean, 21; the "suspicious cavity" was discovered on the property behind his house. "It is believed the house and the contents of that cavity may eliminate the need to look any further for the body of missing Marine Maria F. Lauterbach," said the sheriff's office in a statement. Detectives were combing through Laurean's home Friday night and planned to inspect the contents of the ditch Saturday morning, according to the sheriff.

I found this on a Facebook group supporting Maria Lauterbach:

Christina knew about the rape charges, but didn't initially know about the murder. Cesar took off around 4:00am this morning. She woke up or found a note and called the police. She was not at home when Maria was buried, so she didn't know about it. Although Maria was killed more than two weeks ago, she was not buried in the yard until the last 48 hours (at most).

The police never searched a random area around Gum Branch, but solely the backyard of the Laurean home. Christina provided something substantial from Maria's murder.

The reason the cavity is not being opened tonight is that Maria's body is not completely intact. They need light and time to search through the cavity in order to find, photograph and inventory all of the evidence.

I happen to agree with this guy, by the way. That's almost exactly what I was thinking!

Who Is Cesar Armando Laurean? Where Is He?

The blogosphere is already developing a picture of who Cesar Armando Laurean is. Here is what we have gathered thus far. [This information will be updated as we obtain more data on Corporal Laurean -- in hopes someone will put everything together and offer investigators a substantial lead in the case.]

Name: Cesar Armando Laurean (earlier reported as Lauren or Lauran)
Age: 21
Occupation: Personnel Clerk
Employer: US Marines; Stationed at Camp LeJeune, NC
Address: 103 Meadow Trail, Jacksonville, NC
Physical Appearance: Hispanic male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: ~165 lbs
Previous Address: Clark County, NV
Education: Graduated from Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas, NV in 2004
Marital Status: Unknown; Was married to Christina Sue Smith in 2005 (Marriage license# 2005-00001647)
[Laurean listed himself on MySpace as "Single". However property records in Onslow County show a Cesar and Christina S. Laurean as homeowners -- with a resident near the area where police are searching for Maria Lauterbach's body.]
Children: 1 known - Female - Abrianna Sue; Born 2006

We are still betting that Cpl. Laurean is heading towards El Paso, TX. I doubt he would try to make it to Las Vegas as that would take days and days of driving. My guess is that he either forced Maria Lauterbach to purchase a bus ticket to El Paso or persuaded her to run away with him. Then, either something went wrong or he deliberately killed her. We should know within the next 48-72 hours -- as he will be caught or Lauterbach's body will be found. I am quite confident of that.

Cesar Armando Laurean Sought in Double Murder of Lauterbach and Unborn Child

UPDATED: 5:27pm ET
UPDATED: 3:58pm ET
Marine Corporal Cesar Armando Laurean, (misspelled as Lauren in earlier reports) stationed at Camp LeJeune, is currently being sought for the murders of Maria Lauterbach, 20, and her unborn child. Previews, Newz and Reviews has found a picture of Cpl. Laurean, whose local address is 103 Meadow Trail, Jacksonville, NC.

We have obtained a picture of the 2004 black Dodge Ram quad cab pickup truck Laurean used to flee the Jacksonville area earlier today. The truck is registered in North Carolina with tag number TRR-1522 on the plate.

[We would bet on Laurean heading towards El Paso, TX. State police are likely patrolling I-95 South, and I-20 West in North and South Carolina, looking for Cpl. Laurean. If he follows normal driving, the cops should be able to pick him up somewhere around Birmingham, Alabama. If he sleeps a few hours during the day, my next guess would be Jackson, MS or possibly even Shreveport, LA. Now that he is being hunted, he will likely want to travel at night.]

An ABP was put out for Laurean's arrest as the primary suspect in the Lauterbach case after a local female, who is a former Marine, offered Sheriff Ed Brown "tangible evidence" that Lance Cpl. Lauterbach was dead. Currently, law enforcement officials have not located Lauterbach's body. They are scouring an area off Gum Branch Road and North Bryan Road, in Jacksonville, for a shallow grave.

If you see Cesar Laurean or his truck, you are urged to contact the Onslow County Sheriff's Department at (910) 455-3113 or the NC State Bureau of Investigation.
Photo courtesy of Onslow County Sheriff's Dept

Maria Lauterbach Dead - Cpl. Cesar Laurean is Prime Suspect

A nine-month pregnant Marine missing for nearly a month is dead, and investigators were seeking another Marine whom she had accused of sexually assaulting her, Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown said Friday midday.
[To make sure everyone gets the story straight, Lauterbach originally stated that a senior officer has raped her. Later, it was determined that a fellow enlisted Marine was the perpetrator.]

Authorities had not recovered the body of 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Maria Frances Lauterbach, but believe she was buried in a shallow grave off Gum Branch Road (near North Bryan and Meadow Trail in Jacksonville, NC), Sheriff Brown said. Police are also likely checking a nearby creek.

Brown and an NCIS officer both stated that a witness (identified only as a female) came forward early this morning with tangible evidence that led them to believe Lance Cpl. Lauterbach and her unborn child are dead. Law enforcement spokesmen said the mother & child were killed on or shortly after December 20, 2007.

Maria Lauterbach had originally claimed a superior officer sexually assaulted her, and she was worried that the investigation was going nowhere, according to court documents. She vanished last month before she was to testify during an Article 32 proceeding. Brown said the Marine, now identified as Corporal Cesar Armando Laurean had declined to meet with investigators, who no longer knew his whereabouts. "They don't know where he is," Brown said of the suspect. "He's gone." According to Brown, Cesar Laurean left Jacksonville this morning in a black Dodge pickup truck (NC tag has 1522 in it).

Brown said Lauterbach may have been due to give birth January 8. The police reports, however, said she was due on February 14 and did not show up for a prenatal medical appointment December 28.

Lauterbach's cell phone was found on a roadside near Camp Lejeune on December 20. Her car (a 2006 Hyundai Sonata) was found Monday in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant (near the bus station), Brown said, and apparently had been there since December 15.

The court papers said the anticipated birth of the baby "might provide evidentiary credence to charges she lodged with military authorities that she was sexually assaulted by a military person."