Friday, January 18, 2008

Christina Laurean Knew Maria Lauterbach Was Dead

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Christina Smith Laurean, the wife of the suspected killer of a pregnant Marine, knew Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach was dead a day before she went to police, according to affidavits obtained by local TV news stations in North Carolina. The court document states that Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean and his wife were driving to meet with an attorney on January 10.

Cesar Laurean had asked Christina "if she was with him on this". She replied, "I do not know. Is there anything you have not told me?" At that time, Cesar Laurean confessed that Lauterbach was dead and he had buried her body in a wooded area adjacent to their home, the affidavits show.

Cesar Laurean told his wife that Lauterbach slit her own throat with a knife during an argument on the evening of December 15. He said Lauterbach, who was eight months pregnant, had come to him earlier that day to tell him she was leaving Jacksonville, N.C., and demanded that he give her money. He took her to a bus station and helped her buy a ticket to El Paso, TX., his wife said in the affidavits.
Cesar Laurean's wife of two years told Onslow County sheriff's detective John Dubois that a disoriented and agitated Lauterbach returned to the home later that night and told Laurean that "her plan had failed, that an argument ensued" and that she produced a knife and killed herself by slitting her throat. "He became scared, took her body to a wooded area adjacent to his residence, and buried her. He obtained legal counsel and explained the facts to them. He was told that he was facing the death penalty," Dubois wrote.

Christina Laurean did not go to authorities with that information until January 11, when her husband left home. She has not seen him since (according to statements she has made to investigators). A search warrant has been issued for a cell phone belonging to Cesar Laurean, his wife, his mother and his sister (Blanca Laurean), according to the affidavits.

WRAL-TV obtained copies of the warrant and attached affidavits documenting conversations between 21-year-old Laurean and his wife. Police said they do not believe Lauterbach took her own life. Christina Laurean discovered Lauterbach was pregnant in July, but her husband said he was not the father of the baby, according to court documents. He also told his wife that he had not raped Lauterbach, as she claimed. Christina Laurean has been cooperating in the investigation, police told FOX News.

Onslow County authorities said this morning they do not believe Christina (whose full name is Christina Sue Smith [Laurean])was at her house when the pregnant Marine Lance Corporal was killed. They believe she was at a Christmas party during that time. Sheriff's officials said yesterday that investigators believe Cesar Laurean killed Lauterbach, 20, on December 14. Authorities described Christina Laurean as a cooperating witness and said they have no plans to charge her.

Significant questions that must be answered:
1) Why didn't Christina Laurean contact authorities immediately after finding out her husband disposed of another woman's body -- especially after knowing the situation between the two AND that the dead woman was eight months pregnant?

2) Why does law enforcement insist Maria Lauterbach was killed on December 14 when we also know that someone matching her description purchased a bus ticket on December 15?

2a) What piece of evidence are they holding back, glossing over or refusing to acknowledge? [Something doesn't match up here!]

3) Did Maria Lauterbach have ANY connection with El Paso, TX?

3a) Does Cesar Laurean or Christina Smith Laurean have any connection with El Paso, TX?
[If not, why would Lauterbach purchase a bus ticket to El Paso? After all, Cesar claimed Lauterbach said she "had a plan" to leave the Jacksonville area.]

4) If Maria Lauterbach went back to the Laurean home later the night she was to leave on the bus, how did she get there? Did she drive her Hyundai Sonata? If so, how was her car moved back to the restaurant near the bus station? Did Cesar Laurean take it there? If so, how did he get home? [The person who helped him needs to be questioned thoroughly!]

5) Who was the "white male" who withdrew funds from Maria Lauterbach's bank, using her ATM card, December 24? [The ATM machine used was near the Laurean home.]

6) How could Christina Laurean NOT be involved in the murder and disposal of Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child? Lauterbach was killed inside the Laurean home. A large amount of blood evidence was found inside the home. A large scale clean-up job was undertaken. Someone painted over at least one wall where some of the blood spatter was found. The body of a grown woman, eight months pregnant, was moved from inside the home to the adjacent woods and buried. It was later dug up and moved to the Laurean's backyard. A large pit was dug in the backyard. The bodies of Lauterbach and her unborn child were then burned and covered over by someone. [Does anyone believe ONE 5'9", 160 pound guy did ALL this by himself AND/OR without another person living in the same household knowing?!? VERY DOUBTFUL!]