Monday, March 12, 2007

R.I.P. to Rap - It's Time for New Ideas in Music

There is more evidence that the degrading and violent rhetoric of hip-hop (aka rap) is dying a quiet death. An on-going (unscientific) poll taken by shows that only 3% (~225) of the nearly 7,500 respondents listen to hip-hop while driving in their cars. The music category with the highest percentage (33%) was rock and/or pop music. News, sports, talk came in second, with 26% of the vote.
These are interesting statistics, especially in light of recent articles showing that hip-hop is on the decline. Personally, I'm glad to see it (or should that be hear it). The violence, filthy language and overt sexual lyrics/videos of hip-hop have made it a bane to the ears of parents for years.
Listen, I love music. It has been a major source of entertainment, comfort and even inspiration throughout my entire life. I like many kinds of music. However, I cannot stand to hear most of the rap music produced. I find celebrations of violence, vulgar language and degradation of women into "bee-aaches" and "ho's" to be used for sex (willingly or otherwise) to be extremely offensive. There's simply no need for these messages in music -- any more than there was for the messages in "death metal" of the 1990s.
R.I.P. to rap. May it rest in peace and its potty-mouthed purveyors... may they learn to respect themselves and others.

What do you usually listen to while driving? (Discuss)
Rock / Pop 33%
R&B / Rap / Hip Hop 3%
Country / Western 12%
Jazz 2%
News / Sports / Talk 26%
My passengers 1%
Other 14%
Nothing 5%
Total votes: 7484