Friday, January 11, 2008

Burnt Human Remains Found in Laurean's Backyard

Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown just finished a news conference with reporters. He stated that the charred remains of what is believed to be the body of Maria Lauterbach (and her unborn baby) were found in the backyard of Cesar Armando and Christina Smith Laurean.
Sheriff Brown also stated that there are positive luminol results in at least two areas of the Laurean home. IMO, that points to the murder taking place in the house. Apparently, Cesar Laurean burned and buried the bodies of Maria Mauterbach and her baby. By several statements the sheriff made, it can probably also be safely assumed that Lauterbach's body was dismembered. For what other reason would investigators want to comb through the dirt in the "cavity" where the burned remains were located?

One more thing -- police need to press Christina Laurean VERY hard for information. She may be 100% innocent of wrong doing. Then again, she may be part of the murder and subsequent disposal of Lauterbach and child. If Christina is innocent of involvement, she may know more than she is aware of -- like places Cesar may be headed. Where are any friends who may be willing to help him? Where is his family? Does he know anyone who could help him get out of the country? What did he take with him (that he doesn't normally travel with)? What didn't he take that he normally has with him when he travels? There could be a lot of information garnered from police pressing Christina Laurean.

One last thought -- It's pretty safe to say that Christina Laurean gave Sheriff Brown the "tangible evidence" proving Maria is dead. Could she have made a plea bargain deal with law enforcement to give them info in exchange for not being prosecuted? Where is she now? Where is there baby daughter?