Monday, February 05, 2007

The World's Most Expensive MP3 Player

Trekstor isn't shy about the price of it's MP3 players. In fact, they even bragged about it at a recent tech show. The Trekstor i.Beat organix Gold is a 2Gb MP3 player -- with the shell made of 18k yellow gold.
TrekStor received an order from Russian-Canadian billionaire and owner of the Midland Formula 1 team, Alex Shnaider, to develop the world's most expensive MP3 player. This unique, custom-made device was created based on TrekStor's i.Beat organix, winner of 14 accolades.
The casing of the organix is cast in 750 gold (18 karat) and adorned with 63 diamonds (one-karat). The player is also embellished with a small chain that includes aquamarine gems. Jewelers Wenthe in Mannheim/Germany put over 100 hours of pains-taking handiwork into the exquisite gadget. The Trekstor website offers this marketing piece:

i.Beat organix FM golden – a shade of luxury for every man
Following the incredible hype associated with the i.Beat organix Gold, the magnificent EUR 20,000
(~$25,895.00US) jewelry item in 750 gold, TrekStor is now offering a gold colored variant for smaller purses. The i.Beat organix FM golden not only captivates through its conspicuous gold colored UV lacquer and small decorative chain, but also through its exceptionally high capacity rechargeable battery (up to 25 hours playing time) and outstanding sound quality. It includes an integrated radio, an organic display, a second headphone jack, a recording function for dictating and an integrated line in jack. Together with its rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the i.Beat organix FM golden weighs just 40 grams. The power pack is charged via the high speed USB 2.0 interface. The player is delivered with two pairs of Sennheiser headphones and available with one or two gigabytes storage capacity.
Now, that is an MP3 player. WOW!