Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bose Says "Stick It in Your Ear!"

Info from Engadget and others
We can't help but laugh sometimes when a company's product literature tries to hide the fact that it's late to the market. That's exactly what Bose seems to do, for example, with the description of its new TriPort in-ear headphones: "the only in-ear headphones with the rich audio and comfortable design you've come to expect from Bose." Yeah, that's a first, if you want to call it that.
Anyway, snarkiness aside, these headphones are supposedly noteworthy for the listening comfort of their silicone tips, as well as Bose quality. They just look like your regular in-ear phones, but they look as though they might be at least partly open -- which would be a good for fliers like us who often have inner-ear pressure problems with those sealed-up-tight sound-reducing earpieces. And we guess they'll be a pretty good seller for the relatively un-Bose-like price of $99.95, less than half of other headphone lines.