Sunday, October 22, 2006

Photography: A Simple Guide for Beginners

From Peter Marshall
Your Guide to Photography
Here's a three webpage article from regarding the topic of "Getting Started in Photography". Although is not my favorite website, this article regarding beginners' photography is worth the read. You'll find good advice and concise tips for those who are just beginning their sojourn into the world of photography.
Here are the sub-topics of discussion:
  • Have Fun
  • Learning to Think Photo
  • Automatic Cameras
  • Getting Refined
  • Three Rules
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Finding Subjects
  • My First Photographs
  • Loved Ones
  • A Favorite Place
  • Getting Better Pictures
  • Exhaust the Subject
  • Evaluation - The Second Stage
  • Viewing Your Images
  • Rating Your Pictures
  • Other Views
  • Comparisons and Inspiration
  • Learn From Others
  • Techniques