Friday, November 24, 2006

HEROES - The Linderman Quotient

Linderman has been described as a "mob boss". We have heard his name since the Heroes series began. However, we have yet to see his face. I'd like to put forth some information, about Linderman, for fans to ponder.

A ) Linderman is a higher up to D.L. Hawkins and his gang.

B ) Linderman knows Niki/Jessica -- possibly from her relationship w/ D.L.
- Jessica killed Linderman's men and stole the $2 million in order to frame D.L.

C ) Linderman made a $30k loan to Niki, so that Micah could go to private school.
- He offered to forget the debt + interest (now $50k) if Niki would sleep w/ Nathan and have it videoed (for purposes of blackmail).
- At first, Niki refuses to help Linderman blackmail Nathan. Linderman's goon threatens to hurt Micah, so Niki relents. Jessica comes out and goes back to sleep with Petrelli.

D ) Linderman is pulling strings for and against Nathan Petrelli.
- Linderman gives $2M to Nathan to get him in the mob's pocket.
- Linderman blackmails Nathan w/ the sex video (Niki/Jessica).
- Linderman was Mr. Petrelli's "biggest client".
- The DA wants Nathen to prosecute Linderman.
- Linderman knows Peter due to the Petrelli family's business association with Linderman.

E ) Linderman's men (or maybe the big boss himself) crosses paths with Hiro and Ando as they cheat at cards (by time jumping) at the Las Vegas Casino.
- After Niki does the deed with her ex D.L, Jessica gets up during the middle of the night and massacres Linderman's card-playing hinchmen -- while Hiro & Ando were in another room.

F ) Linderman purchases paintings from Isaac.
- We can most likely safely assume that Linderman knows about Simone, too.

G ) We can now safely say that Linderman is NOT Sylar. [Sylar is in fact a watchmaker named Gabriel Gray.]
- I still say there will be a close connection between Sylar and Linderman.

I have read there are references to Linderman being referenced by HRG (Mr. Bennet) as well.

The "heroes" I don't see a Linderman connection for are: Matt Parkman, Eden McCain, Charlie (the waitress), the Haitian, Ted Sprague and Claire Bennet.

  • Is he a former member of HRG's DNA/Genome Manipulation group?
  • Is he simply a mob boss who coincidentally knows about the heroes, but doesn't understand their significance yet?
  • Is he the key to the origin of the bomb in NYC?