Monday, November 27, 2006


Gabriel Gray is Sylar's real name. He adopts the "Sylar" surname, off the cuff, when he meets up with his first victim (Brian Davis). He tells the guy, "My name is Gabriel... Sylar" as he looks down at a watch he is repairing. The name "SYLAR" is on the dial.
BTW, this is the watch we see Sylar wearing in the previous episodes. Black dial, automatic military watch.

Gabriel Gray, who becomes "Sylar", is a watchmaker (Gray & Sons).
Dr. Chandra Suresh goes to watch/clock shop to visit Gray.
Gray tell Dr. Suresh that family was "insignificant" to him.
- He wanted to be "special".
Suresh gives Gray a book (Activating Evolution) and tells him to read it.
- When they meet later, Gray shows little signs of having powers.
- He is able to "see" that Suresh's wristwatch is off by 2 seconds -- only by hearing it tick.
Dr. Suresh planned CT scan to further test Gray's abilities.
- Suresh rethinks this and Gray angrily goes off. Asks Suresh about "...this Brian Davis... you think this guy is special?!?"
Later, Gabriel Gray calls Brian Davis about "oddities" in his life.
- When Davis shows up at watch shop, Gray introduces himself as Gabriel Sylar (the name from a watch he's working on)
- Davis shows telekinesis by moving a small cup across the table.
- Sylar kills Davis. [Implication is that he takes brain & somehow extracts power.]
- Next shot shows "Sylar" with Dr. Suresh -- showing power of telekinesis
- Somehow Sylar took Davis' power after killing him. We are left to assume that Sylar ate the brain or somehow "absorbed" the "soul" of Brian Davis -- and his future victims (over the past six months).

This show pulls the viewer in several different directions. If you're not a Heroes fan, you should take an hour to view the next episode. BTW, SciFi is airing a Heroes marathon this Wednesday night -- if you want to catch up.