Wednesday, November 29, 2006

HEROES - The "Specials" List (Updated 1/17/07)

This post is updated from time to time. Last update: 01/17/07

After watching the SciFi marathon tonight, along with checking out hundreds of pictures on, I have developed a list of "special" people (some "heroes"). The list is broken down into origins of the names/descriptions. My list was originally posted on, but it included here because of my "fan"anticism for the show. IOW, I want to pique your interest in the show, so you might become a fan, too. Anyway, here is the list:
Updated List of "Special" People:
Brian Davis - New York, NY (deceased)
Gabriel Gray - New York, NY (aka Sylar)
Claire Bennet - Odessa, TX
Peter Petrelli - New York, NY
Micah Hawkins - Las Vegas, NV
Name Unknown - Barstow, CA (deceased)
James Walker - Los Angeles, CA (deceased)
Ted Sprague - Los Angeles, CA (???)
Charlene "Charlie" Andrews - Midland, TX (deceased)
Eden McCain - Possibly from Salina, Utah area (deceased)
Shanti Suresh - India (deceased)
the Haitian - Haiti

Original Computer List:
Felipe Acorra - (deceased)
D.L. Hawkins - Las Vegas, NV
Byron Bevington - Marshfield, VT
Niki Sanders - Las Vegas, NV
Daniel Buzzetti - Greeley, CO
Isaac Mendez - New York, NY
Tracy Chobhan - Frostburg, MD
Nicholas Datre - (deceased)
Paula Gramble - Monteith, IA
Curtis Hovsopian - Grant Pass, OR
Nathan Petrelli - New York, NY
Noel Menzles - (deceased)
Penkala Burton - Albert Lea, MN
Teresa Hue Pham - Shreveport, LA
Matthew Parkman - Los Angeles, CA
Hiro Nakamura - Tokyo, JP
David Berman - New York, NY
Leonis Pinkham - (deceased)
Adam Soo Hoo - Kailua, HI
Linda Tavara - (deceased)
Norman Ventris - (deceased)
Sparrow Redhouse - New Mexico
Amid Halebi - Los Angeles, CA

Partial names seen on computer list:
Michelle V...
Candace Wi...
Harry Flet...
Ethan Kint... - (deceased)
Abu Aswan
Frank Cava... - (deceased)
Diego Vel... - (deceased)
Jess Murph... - (deceased)
Sue Lander...
Pam Green...

Specials List for Dr. Chandra Suresh's files:
13yo Female - Maraba, Brazil
22yo Female - Palu, Indonesia
Sanjog Iyer - Mandras, India

Possible "Specials" or "Heroes":
Molly Walker - Los Angeles, CA
??? Walker - Los Angeles, CA (Molly's mother - deceased)

Pictures/pinpoints on Suresh & Sylar maps:
20ish Female - Canada
50ish Male - South America
20ish Female - Vietnam (South Pacific Airlines employee)
30ish Female - Northern Greenland
Dark-skinned Female - Texas
30ish Male w/ glasses - New England area

NOTE: Some of the pinpoints are clearly in bodies of water.
Therefore, I don't think pinpoints necessarily indicate location of "specials".

NOTE: The FBI was investigating SIX murders around the country -- all presumed by law enforcement to have been committed by the same person -- Sylar. Only Molly Walker's parents have been identified (victims 7 & 8) thus far. Hopefully, we'll learn the names of the other six (and find out if they are on "the list").

Names in BOLD are "heroes" we've met.

PROVEN: The computer screen shot does NOT show the entire list Chandra Suresh had compiled.
HOW: 1) Mr. Bennet enlists Eden McCain to remove Claire's name from Suresh's "list". 2) We see Chandra Suresh's notebook, listing unnamed persons not shown on the computer generated list that Mohinder found.