Monday, April 16, 2007

The College Columbine: Virginia Tech's "Person of Interest"

Update: 8:07 p.m.
The highlights of the 7:30pm ET press briefing are:

  • Virginia Tech Campus Police Chief Wendell Flinchum has preliminary ID of gunman, but are not releasing the name.
  • Recovered two weapons, but won't release the details
  • ATF is comparing ballistics from West AJ and Norris Hall
  • Person of interest ID'd after shooting at West Ambler Johnston. That person is not in custody. He is not known to police, according to Chief Flinchum.
  • The first "person of interest" is still a person of interest -- "because he knows one of the victims" found dead in the dorm room.
  • The "person of interest" is NOT a VT student
  • The gunman found dead in Norris Hall is NOT the "person of interest" questioned in the West AJ dorm shooting.
  • Murder /suicide has been ruled out at the incident in the dorm
  • Chief Flinchum states that the Blacksburg Police Dept. located the "person of interest" in the dorm shooting -- and conducted an interview with him about the same time as the shootings were taking place in Norris Hall
  • From the above statements, we can conclude that the police think that the shootings in West AJ are NOT related to the shootings in Norris Hall