Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre: Gunman a Student

Update: 8:29 a.m. (Revised)
Overnight we have learned that the 23 year old Asian gunman was actually a college student at Virginia Tech. From the wording of reporting related to the executed warrant on his "room", it is also apparent that he was living in a dorm, not off campus. This may answer my earlier question as to why no one had focused on the perp's vehicle.
WSLS reports:

"The president of Virginia Tech says the shooter in yesterday's rampage was a student at the university. Charles Steger said the shooter in the second shooting at Norris Hall was Asian and lived in a dorm on the Blacksburg campus. Steger told ABC News that he expects that investigators will get a ballistics report this morning, and he said they will 'be making it public as soon as we can.'
Steger added News that the shooter may have been locked in West Ambler Johnston dormitory when the building was locked down after the first shooting. He says the 'investigation is unfolding as we speak.'"
I wonder why Chief Flinchum repeatedly said that the gunman was not a student at VTech.