Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Partial List of Victims from Virginia Tech Massacre

Update: 8:50 a.m. (Revised 2:54pm)
The following is a partial list of victims killed by a gunman on the campus of Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007:

Maxine Turner, Vienna, Va., Senior, Chemical Engineering
Henry Lee, Roanoke, Va., Freshman, Computer Engineering
Matt La Porte, Dumont, N.J., Freshman, University Studies [picture below]
Jamie Bishop, Instructor, Foreign Languages and Literatures (German)
G.V. Loganathan, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Juan Ortiz, Graduate Student, Civil Engineering
Jarrett Lane, Narrows, Va., Senior, Civil Engineering
Ryan Clark, Columbia County, Ga., Senior, Biology, English, Psychology (West AJ)
Leslie Sherman, Sophomore, History and International Studies
Caitlin Hammaren, Sophomore, International Studies and French
Liviu Librescu, Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanics
Kevin Granata, Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanics
Reema Samaha, Centreville, Va., Freshman
Emily Hilscher, Woodville, Va., Freshman, Animal & Poultry Sciences, Equine Science (West AJ) [picture below]
Ross Alameddine, Student, Saugus, Mass.
Daniel Cueva, Student, Peru, International Relations
Mary Read, Student, Annandale, Va. [picture at top]

I have included links to the MySpace pages of some of the victims. CNN has more pictures and short bios of a few of the victims.

Emily Hilscher was apparently the first person shot. She was not killed instantly, but died a short time later. It is presumed that she was either the girlfriend of the shooter OR a love-interest of his.

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