Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is MySpace A Piece In The Kelsey Smith Murder Puzzle?

Did Edwin R. Hall actually know Kelsey Smith? Or, did he find her through MySpace? Or, was she a random victim? It seems that Edwin has a MySpace account (corrected link)-- stating he lives in Overland Park (although his address at the time of arrest was officially Olathe, KS.). His profile has been deleted, so we can't learn anything else from it. Other bloggers have said that Hall's wife, Aletha, was linked to his MySpace page. There is also information saying the Halls have a four year old son. I sure hope the link to the MySpace page is bogus.

Kelsey Smith also had a MySpace page -- stating she lived in Overland Park. Could Edwin have been stalking Kelsey via MySpace? It is a possibility. One thing that is kinda creepy is that Hall's MySpace account shows he logged in sometime yesterday -- shortly before he was arrested for aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder. FWIW, Kelsey did not have Edwin Hall listed as a "friend" on MySpace. I'm not trying to make a connection where one is not present, BUT the question of MySpace is one the needs to be answered.

I'm sure we'll learn more in the coming hours and days, but questions are large and beg to be answered. The biggest question looming in my mind is WHY? Why abduct and murder a vibrant young lady who just graduated high school and was about to set off for college and adult life? Why?!? Weren't your video games enough? Weren't movies like Hostel and Saw and Hannibal enough? Didn't the Internet satisfy your bloodlust?

Now, some defense attorney will set out to go far beyond the mandate of lawyers to make sure their clients get a fair trial. That attorney will try to wiggle and squirm and circumvent his way around the facts in an attempt to get Mr. Hall acquitted. ARGH! It makes me furious just to think about the whole ordeal -- especially for Greg and Missy Smith.

See the video of Edwin Hall's arraignment here, courtesy of

My prayers go out to them, along with Stevie, Cody, Zack and Kelsey's boyfriend John Biersmith. They will all live the tragedy of Kelsey kidnapping and murder many times over.