Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Who Killed Kelsey Smith?

Photo from FOX25 in Kansas City
As the story of young Kelsey Smith's abduction and murder unfolds, Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass has told the public that a "person of interest" is now a suspect. This person, who remains unnamed, reportedly lives approx. two miles from where Kelsey Smith's body was found. He also has what police call "an extensive criminal record". So, who is this person / suspect?

Sources in Kansas City tells me that someone with the surname of Beach or Beech is being sought by law enforcement. I have heard the first names of Timothy, Jeremiah and/or John. I must emphasize that the name is speculation, but does come from the local area -- and local area information is normally better than what we are told on the evening news. I learned that in the cases of Immette St. Guillen's murder and the Virginia Tech slayings.

These things seem fairly apparent:
1) The guy seen in the Target store video entered the store shortly after Kelsey entered.
2) The same guy was seen on surveillance cameras within Target. He was near Kelsey on at least three occasions.
3) This same person is thought to be the driver of the 1970s Chevrolet pickup that police are seeking.
4) The Target store guy is seen leaving within seconds of Kelsey exiting the store.
5) The person who ran up to Kelsey in the parking - and apparently pushed her into her car - looks to be the same person (a 20-ish year old white male with a goatie; wearing dark shorts, white t-shirt, low-top Converse sneakers).
6) From video not publicly shown, but referenced by police, the pickup truck was left in the parking lot of Target until around 9:00pm Saturday night.
7) Kelsey's car was seen leaving the parking lot around 7:08pm. It was found across the street in the Macy's parking lot (at Overland Mall) around 9:00pm that night.
8) Police believe the kidnapping and murder was a one-man operation -- which fits with the car being used to drive away; the truck being left at Target; and Kelsey's Buick showing up about the same time as the truck leaves the Target lot.
9) Police have narrowed down their suspect list (although not official publicly) down to either a few select persons of interest or this one suspect.
10) Since no details of the state of Kelsey's body were offered, and no immediate identification was made, AND police told the clergy before they told the family, law enforcement officials have at least inferred that Kelsey's body was somehow damaged in a way that made it at least a bit difficult to ID her. [Pure conjecture on my part, but I've done a lot of research on cases like this.]
11) Kelsey was not likely killed in her car.
12) She was not likely in the pickup truck at any time. Nonetheless, the truck could be a key piece for evidence collection.
13) Kelsey was likely murdered within the first 60-90 minutes after her abduction.
14) Kelsey's boyfriend (John Biersmith) is not now, nor has he been a suspect (as some folks have suggested). He was actually at the Smith home awaiting Kelsey's arrival when she was abducted from the Target store parking lot.
15) IF, and I repeat, IF the guy in the surveillance video is her killer, he is not a very bright individual. Along with the dumb moves he made to stalk, follow and kidnap her, he will likely brag to some friends about his "adventure". If he hasn't committed suicide somewhere in the woods, he will be caught rather quickly -- I can almost guarantee it.
16) Lastly, law enforcement officials are NOT telling us everything they know. That fact is more than obvious. I respect them for keeping certain aspects of the case private -- out of respect for the Smith family and/or for the future court case.

Our prayers go out to Greg, Missy, Stevie, Lindsay, Cody and Zack Smith -- along with John Biersmith (Kelsey's boyfriend) and his family.

BTW, I just googled the name "kelsey smith" and beach or timothy and beech. My blog is the ONLY one reporting this information. That makes me a bit nervous as I don't want anyone to decide someone they know in the Kansas City area is guilty of the heinous crimes against Kelsey. Offering a potential name is merely a way to try and learn more about who the suspect really is -- and hopefully assist with his capture and prosecution.