Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Search For A Killer!?!

Steph Watts, of On the Record from FNC, has confirmed that the police DO have a suspect in the Kelsey Smith murder case. They are looking for him now. Watts also reports that no information on a motive or cause of death.

BTW, one reason the FBI is active in the investigation is that Kelsey was transported from Kansas into Missouri. Unfortunately, the federal presence didn't make any difference in the outcome of Kelsey's abduction.

SPECULATION: When the guy attacked Kelsey in the Target parking lot, she may have been rendered unconscious. Therefore, her attacker had to leave her in the car and vacate the area. If he killed her when he forced her into the car, he may have panicked and took her straight to the Longview Lake Park to discard the body.
Kelsey's body was dumped under a bridge, in a shallow creek. Her murderer may have intended to go back and bury Kelsey's body... but the police found her before he could act on the remainder of his plan. We don't yet know the condition of Kelsey's body, but I suspect she may have been damaged in the head or face area. The water of the creek or attacker may have caused the damage -- I'm not sure.