Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Details on Kelsey Smith's Abduction & Murder


As pastors meet with the Greg Smith family in Overland Park (near Kansas City), we now know the body of their daughter, Kelsey Smith, was found south of Longview Lake Park. The police spokesman, Chief John Douglass, is taking questions at a press conference, as I type.

The suspect has not been arrested. The chief says they are talking to "several people at this point". The police say they do not have the name of the person in the Target store video, but all of the POIs look like the person seen leaving the store just behind Kelsey Smith. Other news sources say the person law enforcement believes is THE suspect is a 20-ish white male who lives within two miles of the spot where Kelsey's body was found. Furthermore, these sources are saying that the suspect has an extensive criminal record. At this time, they have not said the suspect is the owner or driver of the pickup truck shown several times on news broadcasts.

Eleven teams fanned out across the Longview Lake Park area early this morning. One of those teams found Kelsey's body in a shallow creek, near Highgrove and Raytown roads around 2:00pm CT. They were "lead" to the specific area by Kelsey's cell phone "pinging" a local cell tower. Police took her cell account's LUDs and analyzed them. The results came back Tuesday morning -- and police immediately started their search.
The cell phone analysis showed that the phone passed through certain telephone cells located on I-35 to I-435, then east to south 71 highway, and from there to an area in the vicinity of Longview Lake Park.
Photos from WPBF FOX25 and FOX4